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How Can I Contribute As a New Dad?

Fathers are just as important to your baby as their mother is! Becoming a dad is such a huge event in someone's life. As a father balancing work and bonding with your new born baby can be hard - but building a strong relationship with your child is so fulfilling and worth while. Here are some tips on how to contribute, where to start and what to do:

Make sure to spend quality time with your baby

Spending quality time with your baby will help you understand their needs. It's also a great way to bond and connect while developing your relationship together.

Keep building on your relationship with your partner/spouse

Having a new born baby can have it's strains on the lives of both you and your partner. Work on working together when developing parenting skills and help each other out when in need. Negotiating and sharing expectations is good practice for later parenting.

Talk and engage with your baby as often as possible

Cuddling, pyshical playing, kisses and more are all ways to be touchy with your new born. Newborns need a lot of body contact and this is a great and easy way to contribute to to the well being of your baby’s growth and development.

Help with baby tasks in the right away

Get into changing diapers, bottle feeding, cradling your crying baby and more right away. Sharing baby tasks is essential to neither partner getting burnt out - work as a team to give your baby the best care -possible.

We hope these tips help you along your new journey as a parent to a newborn baby. We would love to hear your experience as a dad and the challenges you’ve faced.



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