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5 Adorable Outfits for your newborn !

1. Animal Themed Onesies

All parents love a onesies considering it's a one piece that doesn't need pairing or matching! It's easy to grab and get your baby ready at lightening speed. Why not make the onesie cute and original? In the photo is one of our favorite onesies out there by

2. Custom Text Clothing:

Our babies are an extension of ourselves so why not dress them up in meaningful phrases, inside jokes or words? Create a Onesies with a custom print at

3. MiniOlie:

This MiniOlie piece hits many points in baby fashion. The neutral material with the multi-coloured polka-dots is just adorable! Check our their Baby Balloon Shirt & Pants Set

4. Earth Colored Bamboo Hoodie:

Along side with cotton clothing bamboo clothing is just as sustainable as a material. There are very few toxins and have long shelf-lives. We love the earth colored bamboo hoodie by Kewe Collective! Check it out!

A Good Swaddle & Head wrap

Newborns love to be bundled in a snug blanket! Swaddles are so cozy and can look great for a photoshoot session. We love this Swaddle by Snuggle Hunny Kids

We hope you enjoyed this little haul of ideas for your newborn's wardrobe! If you have any favourite pieces link them below to share with our community!



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